4 ways to invest in your future self

Exercise regularly

You don't always get what you wish for; you get what you work for.

In addition to increasing your life expectancy, exercise can improve your posture, self-confidence, and attractiveness. Getting started can be difficult, but it usually gets easier once you do.

There are no shortcuts to good health! Fitness must be earned one day at a time through regular exercise and self-discipline. If you slack off while you are young, there will be no time to catch up later.

My current gym routine only requires four days a week. For tracking my activity, I use RunKeeper and Nike+ for runs. I also have Moves installed to track steps, and I wear a Basis B1 to track caloric burn and sleeping duration.

Eat healthy

You don't have to buy organic foods or eat at nice restaurants to eat healthy. The key is to stay away from processed foods and reduce your intake of foods that are high in fat (fried foods) or sugar (soft drinks).

As a side benefit, attemping to eat more foods that are made from scratch gives you a great opportunity to learn how to cook. Additionally, buying raw ingredients like rice, bread, and vegetables is often cheaper than eating out.

Stay sharp

Doing mental exercises is like working out your brain. A study by Jaeggi and Buschkuehl at the University of Bern in Switzerland showed that cognitive exercise—the dual N-back test specifically—improves fluid intelligence: "the capacity to solve novel problems, to learn, to reason, to see connections and to get to the bottom of things".

I have a subscription to Lumosity where I can play mind games on a daily basis on the web and on my iPad. Cognitive Fun, as the name suggests, is a free alternative that also has a decent library of mental exercises.

Never stop learning

Learn four new things everyday. Something about yourself. Something about the people you love. Something about the world. And something about a stranger.

Learning new things will make you a more interesting person and open your mind to new perspectives. I take courses on Coursera and learn languages with Duolingo.

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Full stack engineer, entrepreneur, technologist, former med student. "The best way to predict the future is to create it."